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YES Conference // June 28-30, 2020


Yes conference is a conference directed towards students who have felt a call to ministry. The theme is From Now On.

FROM. - everyone called is “from” both something and somewhere. Students will be reminded that no matter their “from” God has huge plans to use them for His purpose. They will also be challenged to fight against allowing evil to discourage them based on their feelings of doubt or lack of self confidence.

NOW. - God has called us and that calling, for most, begins now! Whether it is learning in study or actively taking on leadership roles to learn by experience, we are to be preparing and practicing our call in the context of today.

ON. - On is the indefinite future. Students will be challenged to recognize that a call to ministry is a lifelong call. The “call” is one that requires us to live in obedience “From. Now. On.” and though life may have twists and turns, the call is to be viewed as an existence and an identity from which we will commit to never detour.

This year's event has transitioned to an online only event! With online services, breakouts, and more!I It'll be a one-of-a-kind event you won't want to miss! Sign up today!

Please make checks payable to "ECN" and mail to ECN-YES, 11 College Street, Erin, TN 37061.

June 28-30 // All Online

Cost is $25

Wayne Bauer - Event Coordinator


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