TNT@TNU 2017


The event is over but I am still overwhelmed with the awesomeness of our Florida District Team.  We are definitely “better together”.   Thank you to all of the adults who attended this year.  It was great to see the connection being made amongst us through our shared interest and passions.  The devotions by Pastor Dennis Gavin and Pastor Ronda Rieves were so fitting, relevant and inspiring. Both of their messages were summed up in the closing ceremony message of “From God, For God”. Awesome!!

However, the best part of the weekend was our teens.   Without bias we can boast that we have the Best Teens.  As a district we were awarded 3 sportsmanship awards.  I value those more than the 1st place awards, because that award is based on your representation of Christ.

Some of the  Hi-lites of TNT 2017

  • Sportsmanship Awards -  Paige Burge- dodge-ball, Isaiah Steenberge - beach volleyball, Men’s soccer team with Coach Jason Brown, Javier Rojas and Bryan Schwartz.  Kudos to all of you.

  • 5 MVP’s out of the 10 sports represented were our teens (Richard Hewitt-Beach Volley Ball, Kyndall Fry- Ladies Football & Ladies Soccer, Daniel Salgado-Soccer, Aaron Edwards- Basketball) .

  • Repeat Champions -Ladies Flag Football under Coach Summer Howlett 

  • 1st Place Team events - Men’s Basketball (Coach Bill Pursell) Quiz team A  (Coach Danny Watson) and  Quiz Team B (Coach Mark Leib) 

  • Newman Migner (Deland) will represent our Region in Quizzing at General Assembly – He also placed 1st in 3 events in the Art Category


A list of all winners and awards will be posted on the TNT page of the website soon.  (keep watching. Please share your pics with so that they can be posted also. 
Scoresheets will be available at District Advance

Debra Crawford (TNT coordinator)

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