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The goal of FLD NYI is to partner with youth ministries in our local churches through resourcing, training, and intentional events to assist in their efforts to connect students with the living God.


  • In all we do, we are committed to:

    • ...authenticity and intentionality.

    • ...helping students encounter the Living God who is Holy!

    • ...helping students move beyond encounter to daily presence!

    • ...inviting students to willfully engage in the practices of our faith!

    • ...challenging teens to grow!

    • ...empowering students to build relationships that will help them on their

         journey toward wholeness in Christ!

    • ...empowering and equipping youth workers in each local church to

         be successful in ministry.

    • ...walking with students and spurring them on in holiness!


  • We accomplish these goals by:

    • ...making prayer a priority in all facets of planning.

    • ...creating a unified team mentality among all leaders on the district.

    • ...intentionally calling students to a lifestyle of discipleship in every event.

    • ...teaching students habits of confession, prayer, scripture reading, time-

         keeping, fellowship, holy conversation and purposefully living them out

         in front of them.

    • ...being real/honest with students & presenting God’s ideals for them.

    • ...intentionally creating opportunities for students to bond as friends.

    • ...making communication a priority throughout the year.

    • ...building genuine relationships with students & maintaining them beyond

         the various district events


FLD NYI adheres to the polity of the Church of the Nazarene and is specifically governed by the Charter of Nazarene Youth International that is found in the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.  It is our recommendation that each local youth ministry leader obtain a copy of the  manual from your local church leadership, or go to and go to page 285 to view our charter.  The council listed below is elected/appointed according to said charter.

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