NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference) is in Phoenix, Arizona in July of 2019.


The Florida District Dates are July 8th - 15th, 2019 (which include travel, excursion, and conference dates).  


The cost is $1900.00 for students (9th-12th grades)

                  $1500.00 for adult chaperones.                  


There is currently an early bird incentive being offered for students only.  Those whose online registration is completed and who pay the first $400 by Friday, August 24, 2018 will receive $100 off the total cost.


(Date of early bird discount was extended from July 6th to August 24th)  


Pay schedule is as follows:

8/3/18   $400.00

9/7/18   $150.00

10/5/18 $150.00

11/2/18 $150.00

12/7/18 $150.00

1/4/19   $150.00

2/1/19   $150.00

3/1/19   $150.00

4/5/19   $150.00

5/3/19   $150.00

6/7/19   $150.00


All payments should be made payable to: Florida District NYI 

                                                                   P.O. Box 784834

                                                                   Winter Garden, FL 34778 

(All checks must include NYC 2019 and the name of registrant with payment to be properly credited)

 In an effort to help reduce costs, the coordinators are asking for outside donors to help fund this event.  If you or someone you know is in a financial position to make a donation, please have them contact either Tim Hildreth at or Barb Leanza at

To register for this event you must click on the "register" tab on this page and enter the initial requested information.  An invitation will then be emailed to the parent's email where they can proceed to the NYC registration page to create an account for the student (self, if chaperone), and complete the registration process (including signing all medical releases).