Florida Camp // Cancelled

Florida NYI Family,

I am certain you are aware of the unique challenges that come with summer camp in a year like 2020. As our nation, and closer to home—our state, still deals with the devastating impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we have all had losses. In May, with the best advice from our Florida NYI Council, district leadership, medical professionals, and civic leaders we decided, in conjunction with Camp Geneva to move our regularly scheduled week of camp from mid-June to Labor Day Weekend (September 4-7, 2020). At that time, the best estimates were that the world would look more normal then and it should be safe.
What we know now is that the handling of the pandemic has left us in a worse position now than we thought was possible. Today (August 10), I have pulled from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center a 17.4% (https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states/florida) positive test rate among Floridians. To put that in perspective, at the time of our decision to postpone camp the positive rate was only around 4%. Our first priority is the health, safety, and wellbeing of students and their families across our district. As our Florida NYI Council has met and tried to plan for the best ways in which to safely have our camp this year, we’ve had to come to the hard decision that at this time, there is no certain way to provide a safe and healthy environment with where the state of Florida stands now in our fight against the novel coronavirus. In addition, we have historically low registrations (four to be exact) when at this point in a different year we would have close to 200. It is certainly due to parents across our district letting us know that they are uncomfortable, at this time, sending their students to camp.
It is with great regret that we have made the decision to cancel our weekend camp on September 4-7, 2020. We know that summer camp holds a special place in the hearts of students, leaders, youth pastors, and families across our district. Please know that this decision did not come easily or happily. We are praying for your church, your students, and families. We look forward to the future and to helping to create moments in which students can experience the love of Jesus in a real way.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me, Joey Bocook. You can get a hold of me at joeybocook@gmail.com or by phone at 614-783-9828.
Rev. Joey Bocook
Florida District NYI President

PO Box 784795, Winter Garden, FL 34778 // thefloridanyi@gmail.com

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