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Extreme Days // November 18-19


Extreme Days 2022 is upon us! Join us at Apopka Calvary in November to be a part of this incredible event! Extreme Days lets you showcase the talents that God has given you and helps you to use them for God's glory!

We know this info is coming out a little later than usual, but that is because your new TNT/Extreme Days Coordinator, Dusstin Proehl, has been hard at work creating what is going to be an AMAZING event!

This year we'll be moving to Apopka Calvary to give us more space to put on an amazing event for the Florida NYI teens.  There are hotel options listed down below for those who need to stay overnight on that Friday.

There are many different events that students can participate/compete in.   Check out some of the possibilities…


Vocal music, instrumental music, speaking, poetry, prose, many forms of art (pen/ink, chalk, pastels, etc.), math, puppets, dramatic art…and these just scratch the surface!  Men’s and women’s flag football, men’s and women’s soccer, dodge ball, ultimate Frisbee, ping pong…yes, AND this year's BRAND NEW EVENTS: Cornhole, Chess, and Gaga! Plus so much more!

Watch for upcoming details for this event and encourage your students to participate.  God’s gifts and talents for God’s glory.  This is what it’s all about.

How to Register

We're doing paper registration this year so that it goes through our local youth leaders!

Included below is a team/group sheet.  If your church is bringing participants in a team or group event, then we will need one of these forms for each of those groups!  This will help us know who is competing together.  For instance: 4 on a flag football team, 3 on a basketball team, 5 on a dodgeball team, 13 in a choir; anything with a team or group will need one of these.  Thanks so much for helping!

If the student went to Youth camp, they won't need a medical form!  We already have onen.  But if you aren't sure please email Seth Lenderman at

Lastly, for the hotels, we have hotel blocks with two different hotels.  

One is the Hilton Garden Inn in Apopka, which is close to the church and is $189.00 per night for each room (split amongst 4, that's only $47.25 per person; less than we paid for Geneva last year!)  

The second is Homewood Suites in Maitland, a little further away but only $139.00 per room.

These are first come first serve, so please get the rooms you will need as soon as you're able!

The link to reserve rooms is listed below.

Registration and payment is due (postmarked) by October 31.

Cost is $40.

Please send payment and registration to:

Dusstin Proehl, 750 Roger Williams Rd Apopka FL 32703

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