Extreme Days // November 12-13

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Extreme Days is back and we are pumped! Come to Camp Geneva in November to be a part of this incredible event! Extreme Days lets you showcase the talents that God has given you and helps you to use them for God's glory!

There are many different events that students can participate/compete in.   Check out some of the possibilities…


Vocal music, instrumental music, speaking, poetry, prose, many forms of art (pen/ink, chalk, pastels, etc.), math, puppets, dramatic art…and these just scratch the surface!  Men’s and women’s flag football, men’s and women’s soccer, dodge ball, ultimate Frisbee, ping pong…yes, AND this year's BRAND NEW EVENT: disc golf. Plus so much more!

Watch for upcoming details for this event and encourage your students to participate.  God’s gifts and talents for God’s glory.  This is what it’s all about.

New this year

Soccer players MUST bring shin guards and soccer cleats (cannot be baseball cleats)

Golf will be a skills competition (drive, chip, & putt)

Disc Golf is a brand new event to Extreme Days and TNT

All music files MUST be in digital format

Registration and payment is due (postmarked) by November 1.

Cost is $80.

Please send payment to:

PO Box 784795, Winter Garden, FL 34778

Seth Lenderman - Event Coordinator