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Engage Summit // Fall 2021


How do churches engage with their city in ways that would cause the city to grieve if the church ceased to exist? At the Engage Summit we'll hear from pastors Jim Powell (author of Dirt Matters, founder of the 95Network) and Jason Britt (former pastor at 12Stone Church and current pastor of Bethlehem Church) about how churches can move from marginal to missional impact.

There'll also be specialized training for children's, youth, small group, and missions leaders, as well as church treasurers, church board members and Lead Pastors.

All Youth Pastors and NYI Presidents are expected to come to one of these events and all leaders (both students and adults) are encouraged to come as well! Plus, we'll have a unique NYI Breakout for you to be a part of and to hear more about what's coming up and about how your church can care for teenagers in the world in 2021. 

Click on a link below to register for one of the three events.

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