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Documents For Download

Events ='s part of the life of ministry.  So to assist in making life as easy as possible, here is a "one stop shop" for all paperwork needed for our FLD NYI events.  Please dowload what you need as often as you need.  And if you don't see what you need, let us know.  We'll  rectify it as soon as possible.

General NYI Documents

EVERYONE who serves with students on the FLD NYI needs to be familiar with Safe Haven Policies and Procedures.  Please make sure your volunteers are "read in".

This is our NEW annual medical release form.  It will only need to be filled out once per calendar year unless the information changes.  Each church will be responsible for bringing them to each event with all information current.  At the end of each event, they will be returned to the church.

Have questions about dress code, conduct expectations, etc. for our district events?  It's all right here in one document for your perusal!

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