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TNT Vacancies and Event Participants

As a District we would like to see as many teens participate in TNT@TNU as possible. Since we are a merged District we are allowed to take  two in each category plus two teams for each team sport. Many times the first or second place finishers at Extreme Days or the All-Stars in team sports choose not to participate at TNT in Nashville. With this in mind the list below shows the number of persons registered in each event/category. Individual events with with red numbers means we have exceeded the number allowed to participate in that event.  If that happens the first and second place finishers from Extreme Days will be automatically registered for the event. If the first or second place finisher is not registered by February 1st anyone  registered for an event an automatic qualifier did not register for will be entered into that event. The third place finisher would be given the first option then selection would be by first date/time of registration. The red numbers in the team sports categories means there is not enough registered to fill the team so if additional participants can not be found prior to TNT@TNU this teams may be forced to forfeit and scheduled games. 

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