Quiz Team Registration

The 2019-20 quizzing begins in August and ends in February with the top quizzers representing the Florida District at TNT@TNU in Nashville at the end of March. This is not only a fantastic way to study The Book of Hebrews it is a great way for our teens throughout the District to interact, compete and fellowship with each other monthly for the next several months. Even if your teens have never quizzed before the different levels makes it easy for them to get involved with teens that are also just getting started in quizzing.

The registration form is to be completed by the coach only with one registration form per team. To register more than one team, simply fill out a separate registration form for each team. The A category on the registration form relates to returning competitive quizzers. The B category on the registration form relates to teens new to quizzing/ still learning quizzers.

A huge welcome to all of our new quiz teams! I am praying for you as you prepare to join us! We are all excited to meet you! I Can’t wait to get this season started!! 

All for Him,


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