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Seminole Zone (Pensacola to Tallahassee)

Melanie McLaughlin  850-814-2749      Email Me


I am a homeschool mom of three and serve as Youth Leader &Treasurer in my church. I have been involved in youth quizzing for many years. I love quizzing because I feel memorizing and learning the Bible through quizzing stays with youth for a lifetime! I believe keeping the minds of our youth sharp through memorizing the Word is the single most important thing they could learn in our world today. With the influx of social media and blatant non-Biblical teaching all around them, quizzing gives youth an outlet to do something of eternal value with their time. God gave us amazing minds and watching youth use that gift for Him is a true blessing!

Jaguars Zone (Tallahasse to the coast to Ocala)

Dr. Deborah Lyon                         Email Me


I quizzed for three years in the 70’s and payback happens! Quizzing gave me the skills I needed to complete medical school. It’s a fabulous way to learn how to learn. Learning  the Word of God is basic to spiritual growth and the way to grow the church.


Dr. Gina Reever  904-472-7595   Email Me


I am passionate about the Word of God and am trying to ensure that the next generation of youth are steeped in the Word of God. I desire to provide a safe, fun, environment for youth who may not experience this anywhere else.

Bulls Zone (West Coast to Hernando to Lakeland to South FL District border)

Lynn Parker  813-468-7620   Email Me


The Word of God is Living and active. God’s word is the most important thing in a Christian’s life. Quizzing is the best way I have found to get the scripture into the minds and hearts of teenagers (and their coaches)! That is why I am involved in quizzing.


Grace Smith  813-778-1818   Email Me


My husband and I watched our daughter to Bible quizzing. I love teens and Bible quizzing!

Knights Zone (Leesburg to St. Cloud)

Kim Heard  407-782-3101   Email Me


I am passionate about the Word of God being planted in the hearts of teens! I love love love quizzing! It  provides the opportunity for teens to delve deep into God’s Word, fellowship with a community of believers, build long-lasting relationships and accountability partners, and to have fun-friendly competition. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Pam Roy  407-791-6653   Email Me


Quizzing is a ministry that combines my favorite two passions-God’s word and teens.

Panthers Zone (East Coast south of New Smyrna)

Mark Leib  321-403-5070   Email Me


I love quizzing and believe it is the best way to instill the Word of God into the hearts and minds of teenagers.




Aneisa Leib  321-271-1224   Email Me


I love quizzing!!

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