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NYI Convention is held each year in conjunction with the Florida District Assemblies and Conventions.  As an auxiliary of the Church of the Nazarene, we are governed by her polity, which is found in the Nazarene Manual. However, Nazarene Youth International has it’s own charter in the Manual that gives specific guidance and direction to help us effectively minister to students in the local church and around the globe.


So what is NYI Convention all about, you ask?  As with any event we have on the district level, it is a great opportunity to connect with our district family.  We worship together, have fun together, reflect on the past year together, and express a unified vision for the future…together.


Included in this time together, we also take time to elect the members of the Florida District NYI Council.  All of this is done according to the District Ministry plan found in the Manual.  The elected officers include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition to this we elect student representatives (2 Jr. High, 2 Sr. High, and 2 College/Career), whose responsibility it is to participate in council meetings to be a voice for students across the district.  Each of the names on the ballot are nominated yearly by a committee of officers and representatives selected by the NYI Council.


This may seem like some boring “business” that no one wants to sit through. However, as we serve together in God’s kingdom, any opportunity to develop unity in vision and purpose is a worthwhile endeavor.  And it helps us to identify who we are as a part of the Church of the Nazarene.


Our hope is that in the days ahead, NYI Convention will continue to grow in numbers and in strength and that God’s purposes for our District NYI will be fulfilled and the kingdom will grow.


For more information regarding the NYI Charter, please check with your local church for a copy of the Nazarene Manual or go to the link below for a digital copy.

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